Wendy Williams Fainted on Live TV After Overheating in Her Halloween Costume

'I'm a champ and I'm back out here'

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During a live airing of her talk show today, host Wendy Williams fainted suddenly, which caused producers to immediately cut to a commercial.

This was Williams’ Halloween episode, and she dressed as the Statue of Liberty to celebrate. While introducing a costume contest segment, Williams’ speech started to slur and she looked alarmed as she started to stumble backwards, as the clip from the broadcast above shows. As she fell, show producers caught her. The audience wasn’t sure whether it was a prank pulled by the host or if she was actually in trouble.

After a few minutes, Williams was back on air, where she said she overheated in her costume which caused her to “pass out” and stated that it was not planned.

“But you know what? I’m a champ, and I’m back out here,” she said as she went on with the show.

Twitter has compiled a Moment of viewer reactions to what happened earlier this morning.

A spokesperson for The Wendy Williams Show told Adweek, and tweeted, that the host is feeling much better, was able to finish today’s episode “in true Wendy spirit,” and will more fully address the incident on tomorrow’s show.

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