What’s on Adweek’s Live Shows, Podcasts and Webinars This Week: April 27-May 1

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Adweek has expanded its offering of live shows, webinars and virtual events during this financial crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Each week, we’ll share a schedule of events and links to tune in. (All times are Eastern Standard.)

Monday, April 27

Podcast: Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad
Hosts: David Griner, creative and innovation editor, and Ko Im, departments editor
Guests: Doug Zanger, agencies senior editor

On this week’s Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, co-hosts David Griner and Ko Im talk with senior editor Doug Zanger about the creative campaigns that have come out of quarantine. Im also chats with an organizational psychologist and leadership expert about actionable tips to navigate your teams and work.

Noon Livestream: #AdweekTogether: The Battle Hits Home
Stephanie Siegel, editor of TV Spy
Guest: Bill Ritter, anchor, WABC-TV

Bill Ritter is the main anchor at the nation’s No. 1 local TV station, WABC in New York. After covering the growing pandemic, he fought a personal battle with the virus. He joins TVSpy editor Stephanie Siegel for a look at how New York TV stations are covering the pandemic, from home.

Tuesday, April 28

Noon Livestream: #AdweekTogether: Looking for Comic Relief
Kelsey Sutton, streaming editor 
Alison Moore, CEO, Comic Relief U.S.

Alison Moore is seeking the positive amid so much negativity. The CEO of Comic Relief U.S. joins Adweek’s Kelsey Sutton to talk about how nonprofits can work with brands for the common good.

1 p.m. Webinar: What’s the Future of Ad Targeting and Measurement?

Digital advertising is undergoing dramatic changes, challenged by global forces such as a privacy-driven consumer revolt, energized legislators, changing browser standards and the growing dominance of walled ecosystems. There has never been a time of more confusion.

4 p.m. Livestream: I’m With the Brand Live
Host: Ian Wishingrad
Guest: Mike Grillo, c0-founder and CEO, Gravity Blanket

Ian Wishingrad grills top executives of challenger brands trying to disrupt the marketplace. Gravity Blanket produces weighted blankets engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.

Wednesday, April 29

Noon Livestream: #AdweekTogether: Voices of the Pandemic
Nicole Ortiz, senior editor
Guest: Kristen Colonna, chief strategy officer, OMD North America

Members of our Adweek Voice network have penned some of the most insightful columns about the pandemic. Senior editor Nicole Ortiz talks with one of our contributors, OMD North America chief strategy officer Kristen Collona, for a look at some potential business outcomes in the short and long term.

1 p.m. Webinar: Using Social and Media Insights to Address the Coronavirus Effect
NetBase Quid

As so many businesses grapple with the effects of the coronavirus, it’s crucial to have clear insights and intelligence into what consumers need in this ever-changing environment. Using social and media intelligence resources to stay ahead is particularly vital for vulnerable industries.

3 p.m. Livestream: The Way Forward: Telecom and Tele-Fitness
Lisa Granatstein, editor and svp programming
Guests: Fiona Carter, CBO, AT&T; Seth Solomons, CMO, Equinox

During this health crisis, telecommunications and telefitness marketers are quickly adapting their businesses to better serve their customers and support frontline and essential workers. Joining Adweek’s editor and svp of programming, Lisa Granatstein, are AT&T’s Fiona Carter and Equinox’s Seth Solomons to share 1,000-foot views and boots-on-the-ground insights on the new realities shaping their sectors and how they are forging the way forward.

Thursday, April 30

Noon Livestream: #AdweekTogether: Social Media Playbook
Jess Zafarris, audience engagement editor
Guest: John Holdridge, GM, Fullscreen

John Holdridge of Fullscreen, a global leader in social-first entertainment, speaks with Adweek’s audience engagement editor Jess Zafarris about the social media playbook for our times, including how to identify your audience, find your position and develop your tone.

1 p.m. Webinar: Deliver Thumb-Stopping Video
Adobe Stock

Content teams have struggled to develop new, interactive designs amid a constantly evolving market of devices and platforms. Adobe’s recent State of Creativity 2020 report shows that 81% of brands reported that cutting through the noise and holding customers’ attention has become increasingly difficult. Explore the latest design and motion techniques to deliver creative that performs.

Friday, May 1

Noon Livestream: #AdweekTogether: A Spring Without Sports
Stephanie Paterik, executive editor
Erika Nardini, CEO, Barstool Sports

This has been the spring without sports. But one site has remained a go-to for sports fans. Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini joins executive editor Stephanie Paterik to talk about how the social-first, podcast and content juggernaut has kept millions of sports fans engaged.