Why Sony Crackle Is Heading Into the Nielsen Marketing Cloud

It's all about data for the ad-supported streamer

Better ads for viewers, and more efficiency for advertisers.
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Sony Crackle, the free, advertiser-supported streaming network from Sony, will use the Nielsen Marketing Cloud in the hopes of offering more personal and meaningful ads to viewers, and more efficiency for advertisers.

“Everyone wins in this scenario,” said Rene Santaella, svp operations and business planning, Sony Pictures Television.

Sony Crackle will now get access to resources including the Cloud’s consumer and media data which offers a variety of return on ad spend studies. The platform will also allow Crackle to boost its addressable advertising capabilities across devices and platforms.

The data updates in real time to make the process more valuable to buyers and brands, said Nielsen evp Damian Garbaccio.

“Nielsen has access to syndicated, more granular consumption data,” Garbaccio said.

According to comScore, as of April 2018, 31 million users in the U.S. access Crackle, which includes a range of movies, classic and newer sitcoms, and original series.

About 74 percent of Americans live in a household that has a connected device, consuming almost 8 billion hours of TV every month, according to Nielsen. Crackle is still among the only streaming networks to share audience data, which it has been doing since 2015.

With this deal, advertisers will also be able to narrow audiences on platforms included in the Sony Crackle Plus Network, including Funimation, PlayStation Vue and Pluto TV, Santaella said.

“The industry has been blind when it comes to the ability to do addressable targeting on connected television platforms. Advertisers haven’t been able to do what they’ve done on desktop mobile,” Santaella said. “Through this partnership, we can solve this problem, to be able to do behavioral, addressable targeting on connected platforms.”

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