YouTube Creators Rhett and Link Discuss Their First Book While Swinging on a Swingset

The pair's also on their first live tour

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Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal met in first grade, got in trouble together and became fast friends. Now, they’re on a book tour for their very first book. They created a YouTube channel 11 years ago, but only after excited fans began uploading videos from their own website for them.

With almost 13 million subscribers to their daily Good Mythical Morning channel and more than 4 million on their original channel, Rhett and Link connect with audiences of all ages. Plus, there’s feature-length content from them on YouTube Red.

Watch Adweek’s interview with the duo in our first installment of “Between Two Swings” to learn a little more about their journey from video and jingle creators to published authors.

Dianna McDougall for Adweek

Dianna McDougall for Adweek

Dianna McDougall for Adweek

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