YouTube Will Debut a Scripted Comedy From Smosh, but Not on YouTube Red

Schick Hydro on board as brand partner

Popular YouTube comedy duo Smosh is getting into the sitcom business.

YouTube announced today that scripted comedy Part Timers starring Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox (aka Smosh) will debut exclusively on the Smosh YouTube channel on Jan. 11 with Schick Hydro signed on as brand partner for the first season.

Part Timers is part of YouTube's initiative to invest in top-performing creators to make high-quality original content.

In Part Timers, Padilla and Hecox star as employees of a Chuck E. Cheese-esque restaurant called Pork E. Pine that's well past its prime.

DEFY Media, which owns and operates online brands including Smosh, chose to premiere the scripted show on the traditional ad-supported YouTube service rather than putting it behind the  paywall of the forthcoming ad-free version, YouTube Red.

That gives Part Timers greater exclusivity—it will air solely on Smosh's YouTube channels, which boast more than 30 million subscribers. The duo also has 30 million social followers and 17 million monthly unique visitors. It's not the duo's first foray into the scripted arena; this summer, they released a full-length feature film, The Smosh Movie, via Lionsgate.

Along with multiple organic placements weaved into the show, Schick Hydro will create custom 20-second videos that feature Part Timers' cast members.

"Smosh presented an exciting opportunity for Schick Hydro to connect with its core audience, who are just like this group of guys, through the creativity and humor that Anthony and Ian bring to every episode," said Edgewell Personal Care senior brand manager Anastasia Tobias. "We've enjoyed seeing how Smosh's lighthearted nature brings our brand to life and are excited to see the Part Timers series debut."

Watch the trailer for Part Timers below: